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Auslogics Antivirus 2011 for Windows

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Auslogics Antivirus 2011

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Auslogics Antivirus 2011 offers real-time protection against any of the many threats that can be found on the Internet today. Whether viruses, spyware and Trojans, your shield will stop them.

The program will constantly monitor the state of your computer, and will block and report any attempt to alter the occurrence of system files.

Also, while browsing the Internet Auslogics Antivirus 2011 will stop any keylogger virus or malicious Web page that could poach your data, and it preventing any unfortunate filtration of sensitive information.

Auslogics options Antivirus 2011 will allow you to order you to ‘jump’ safe files in your system to optimize resources, and including if you use less battery power on a laptop.

If you’re looking for a good alternative to more common antivirus, this Auslogics comes in very handy.

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