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Armajet 1.61.3 for Android

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Armajet screenshot 2

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Description:Low-key 2D action
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 1st, 2021
Author:Super Bit Machine LLC


Armajet is a 2D multi-player shooter inspired by the classic Soldat (aka Mini Militia) where players take on a supersoldier armed to the teeth. Your objective? Finish off all your enemies before they get to you first.

Controls systems in Armajet are very intuitive and well adapted to touchscreens. With your left thumb you move about and control your character with complete freedom as you run around or fly towards your enemy. Meanwhile with your right thumb, you’ll take on aiming and shooting with whichever weapon you have at hand.

In Armajet, you’ll soon find that choosing from the dozens of distinct supersoldiers and weapon sets is no easy task. Pick anything from pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, M67 grenades, flamethrowers, electric bombs and much more.

Armajet is an excellent multiplayer action game where you can take on both traditional ‘deathmatch’ gameplay as well as team-based battles to the death. The game comes with spectacular graphics, and has a wide variety of characters, weapons and distinct scenarios.

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