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APUS Turbo Cleaner 1.1.9 for Android

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App Name

APUS Turbo Cleaner

Description:Revamp your old Android by maxing out its optimization capabilities
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 27th, 2021
Author:APUS Group


APUS Turbo Cleaner is a robust optimization tool that lets you instantly harness the true power of your device by freeing up misused space on your Android. Make huge security and performance gains as you simultaneously extend your battery life in one fell swoop. If you are looking for an app that’ll leave your Android in near mint condition (in terms of its memory and battery life, anyway) few options out there today truly surpass the value APUS Turbo Cleaner is here to provide users.

Upon opening up APUS Turbo Cleaner, you’ll immediately notice a rather large circle centered on screen. That’s the status gage here to tell you exactly how much space your data-hoarding tendencies are using up (and bogging down) from the total amount allocated to your smartphone. From there, you’ll also gain access to a full info bar with further, more detailed info regarding the main functions that APUS is here to provide: phone booster, anti-virus capabilities, CPU cooler and battery saver. The first option available was designed to blast through any junk on your phone that’s slowing down its performance, providing you with a spick and span, clean new smartphone without a ton of useless garbage hosted in its memory — in a matter of mere seconds.

Via the anti-virus section (as its name would suggest) you gain access to a feature that scans for any sketchy files on your smartphone that could potentially compromise the security of your files and personal information. This feature also allows you to run a search for files that could be contaminated or put you at risk of a data breach via malware. The CPU cooler and battery saver both help keep your smartphone from overheating and save you a ton of battery life with just a quick tap on your screen.

Another plus to APUS Turbo Cleaner is that it has a full drop-down side menu packed with tools specifically designed to free up memory on your smartphone. You can also opt out of notifications, delete any WhatsApp junk on from old chats, and manage the apps installed on your phone in a very convenient, efficient way. Run this app to experience that new phone feel on your good old Android all over again thanks to APUS Turbo Cleaner.

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