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APTuner 3.09 for Windows

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Description:Tune your musical instruments with precision
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Nov 13th, 2019


If you play guitar, piano, bass, or any instrument that needs to be tuned, you’ll need something to help you find the perfect pitch. APTuner is a convenient tuner that you can use to tune each string exactly as you need it for any key you want. It’s so easy to use, even a total beginner could tune your instrument.

To use APTuner, keep in mind that it will be more accurate in a quiet place since, when it calculates the pitch of the note you play, it analyzes every sound picked up by the microphone. So make sure you’re in a private place away from other noises.

Once you’re in front of your PC with your instrument, play the first string and watch the APTuner needle move along the range, from -50 to +50. To be in tune, you want the needle to fall right in the center, at 0. Test and tweak the string slowly until you get it to fall in the middle of that range, and by the end, your instrument will play perfectly.

With a wide range of modes, you can play perfectly in tune no matter what you want to play. APTuner also lets you adjust the A4 frequency to get the best hue based on one sound or the other. Enjoy perfect sound in seconds with APTuner.

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