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Apprentice Video r652 / 20210328 Git Replay for Windows

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Apprentice Video

Description:Open-source video player that comes with a decent set of features, such as automatic playlist bookmarks, deinterlacing and chapter support
Version:Apprentice Video r652 / 20210328 Git Replay
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34.3 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 1, 2021
Downloaded:6,298 times
License:MIT License
Developer:Pavel Koshevoy


Apprentice Video
is a simple video player that enables you to enjoy your favorite movies without having to deal with complicated options and menus. Relying on the power of
, it comes with a satisfactory feature set that makes it a viable alternative to other playback applications.
Its compatibility range includes some of the most common video formats, such as AVI, ASF, DIVX, FLV, F4V, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MOD, MOV, MPG and MP4. Additionally, it can also play online video streams and enables you to load entire directories and generate playlists.
While you would expect the application to have playback buttons integrated within the main window, this is not the case with Apprentice Video. The playback control functions can be easily accessed from within the right-click context menu or you can use the preconfigured shortcut keys to pause the video, skip a file, activate looping and set in and out points, go back to the previous movie or activate the full-screen mode to really enjoy your movie.
One of its most important features is the possibility to automatically create bookmarks for your playlist. This means that if you pause a video and decide to watch another, the application will resume the first file from where you left off when loading it again.
The application features vertical upscaling and deinterlacing. It enables you to adjust the playback speed, modify the aspect ratio and the window size, as well as crop the margins of a frame. For slow computers, it can be instructed to skip loop filter, color conversion and non-reference frames, in order to adjust video playback to the system’s capabilities.
Despite its name, Apprentice Video is not only intended for beginners. While it is very easy to use, it bundles a set of features that can also please experienced users, enabling them to easily load an play videos on their computer.

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