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App Cleaner 7.1 for MAC

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App Cleaner

Description:Fully uninstall any Mac program
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Oct 1st, 2020


Although the process for installing and uninstalling applications on Mac tends to be pretty clean, sometimes residual files might end up knocking around in the very valuable space on your computer’s hard drive.

To help you maintain and optimize your Mac, there are tools as simple as App Cleaner that can completely uninstall all sorts of installed programs, regardless of how old they are or how much space they take up on your storage drive.

App Cleaner scans the entire computer for a few minutes to display a complete list of the applications installed on the Mac, including those you’d probably miss with a simple glance over the Applications folder in your Finder. Once you find a program you’re no longer using, you can delete it straight from App Cleaner and thereby get back a bit of space that should prove especially useful in optimizing the computer’s performance.

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