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Apolo Launcher 2.0.7 for Android

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App Name

Apolo Launcher

Description:Light, elegant, and fast app launcher
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 29th, 2021
Author:Mad Seven


Apolo Launcher is an app that combines power, elegance, and versatility to create a great app launcher. Users can personalize the app to the smallest details, and can change everything fromthe number of columns in the app drawer to the appearance of the dock to the notification style.

Almost all of Apolo Launcher’s features, such as gesture shortcuts or home screen’s behavior, can be customized from the app’s options menu. Not only that, but Apolo Launcher has another very interesting feature: the ability to hide apps. You’ll be the only one who can access any hidden apps, as they can’t been seen with just a quick glance at your android device.

However, you’ll get a couple surprises when installing Apolo Launcher: the app installs its own ‘booster’ and web browser, although you can easily erase the shortcuts if you don’t wish to use those features.

Apolo Launcher is a feature-packed app launcher, that offers a wide range of customization options in a very small package, being a bit less than 10 MB. On top of all those features, it also has catalog of over 300,000 HD backgrounds, ready to download and add to your home screen!

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