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AOMEI PXE Boot 1.5 for Windows

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Description:Create boot up settings for Linux and Windows
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jan 2nd, 2018


AOMEI PXE Boot is a useful tool that helps you create a setting where you can install Windows or Linux simultaneously on computers that are connected to the same LAN network. All of this, using the same image file and independently of the different storage devices or the operating system that the system uses.

Using AOMEI PXE Boot is really easy because, besides the program, you only need to have the ISO file that’ll support the process. Once you’ve started the process, you’ll have access to a small information window that’ll show you the system’s current state and a list of computers connected and using the same network.

AOMEI PXE Boot is a simple and efficient solution for all those who want to create LAN boot up settings, accessible to all kinds of users thanks to its self-explanatory menus and its intuitive interface.

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