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Aml Pages 9.93 build 2841 for Windows

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Aml Pages

Description:Organize your notes and text documents in tree view
Version:9.93 build 2841
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 9th, 2021
Author:Mazov Gosha


Aml Pages is an advanced application for managing and organizing private notes that offers the particularity of supporting various document formats that you can add as notes from any place on the PC.

Aml Pages is pretty useful for getting organized if you tend to work with various documents, as the program doesn’t make distincitons when it comes time to classify small text notes or various-page documents.

To add elements you can create them from nothing or drag them over the interface of the program, which is simpler. From an organizational standpoint, Aml Pages allows you to create and administer files and sub-files, also allowing you to manage various lists of notes separately.

The notes and documents are framed in a tree view that is very comfortable for locating any file, as well as it gives you a window inside the interface that supports HTML for previewing any file, including web pages.

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