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AltTab 6.23 for MAC

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Description:Bring Alt + Tab to your Mac
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Sep 6th, 2021


AltTab is a program that makes life much easier for Mac users by bringing one of the most convenient features of Windows to this operating system: the window switcher. With this program, you can switch between windows using just two keys.

One of the best features of AltTab is its personalization options, which make it possible to change what keys move between tabs, what appears and how it appears, as well as change what keys activate shortcuts. For example, you can create shortcuts to cancel, close, minimize, or select the previous window. AltTab also has two customizable profiles, so you can save your favorite settings and easily navigate between windows.

AltTab also lets you change your computer’s theme. As well as choose from MacOs or Windows themes, you can also customize dozens of other aspects with this feature-packed program, such as the window size, font size, icon size, and more.

Another great feature AltTab has to offer is its blacklist, which blocks any programs you add to it from appearing on the screen. This way you can focus on what you really need to see, and not dozens of unnecessary windows. On top of all that, AltTab allows you to disable the shortcut while certain programs are running, so you don’t run into compatibility programs while working with those programs.

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