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Alien Assault for Windows

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Alien Assault

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Alien Assault is a turn-based strategy game played in an overhead view. In it, players lead different squads of space marines in their fight against a relentlessly murderous alien race.

The battles almost always take place inside spacecraft or other enclosed spaces filled with corridors and small rooms. These conditions are ideal for the aliens, who – despite their use of guns – are particularly lethal in hand-to-hand fighting.

Luckily, the space marines have attributes that the aliens do not: discipline and sacrifice. The key to victory generally lies in the correct use of your units, including the willingness to sacrifice some of your men when necessary.

You find several different types of unit in Alien Assault, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Marines armed with flamethrowers, for example, are ideal for clearing out alien-infested rooms from a distance. On the other hand, units with power hammers may slow the advance of an enemy force in a narrow hallway.

Alien Assault has five different campaigns with more than a dozen missions in each one. It also comes with tons of configuration options to leave the game exactly the way you want it.

Alien Assault is an outstanding turn-based strategy game. Cleverly inspired by the legendary board game Space Hulk, it creates an almost-perfect gaming experience that fans of the genre will love.

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