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Alexa Sparky for MAC

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Alexa Sparky

Operating System:MacOS
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If you’re a webmaster or know a lot about the Internet, you’re probably familiar with, a reference website that lists an international ranking of the most visited websites in the world.

At you can find statistics regarding any website’s traffic that are totally free and reliable, as well as rankings and lists organized by country or language. To collect this data, uses a plug-in for browsers that, aside from sending data to the web, makes it easy for users to follow the statistics of any website they’re visiting.

With Alexa Sparky, a small toolbar is added to Firefox that lets you watch a graphic representation of the changes in traffic on any website you visit.

With it, you can also access some of the services offered by Alexa directly, like the general view of any website, its traffic details, links that lead to the website, and websites classified by Alexa as similar.

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