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Album Cover Finder

Album Cover Finder

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Album Cover Finder

Description:Search for album artwork, control iTunes.
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Operating System:MacOS
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Note: is not being sold anymore and is listed only for people who had purchased it in the past.

Album Cover Finder is not just about artwork. Sync up to iTunes to find great information about what you are listening to. Or do a search and explore on your own. It is always fun to learn a little bit more about the music you love.

Automatically add the artwork to your Entire iTunes Music Library in one easy step! Album Cover Finder offers several different ways to fill your iTunes Music Library. The “Fill Entire Library” feature adds album art to your entire music collection at once. Just choose the size of the artwork, and Album Cover Finder does the rest. If you are only missing artwork here and there, Album Cover Finder can automatically add the album covers you are missing while you listen to iTunes. Or if you want to get your hands dirty, simply drag the artwork from Album Cover Finder into iTunes.

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