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Albion Online for Windows

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Albion Online

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Albion Online is an MMORPG set in an absolutely gigantic medieval fantasy world, and one of the first of it’s kind to offer a truly cross-platform gaming experience. Users on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux can all play on the same servers. This creates a world where all Albion Online players can interact with each other, no matter what platform they’re using.

Albion Online has super simple controls, and most actions can be completed only using just the mouse. Although some actions can be done faster using keyboard shortcuts, players generally only need a mouse to move their character and interact with other characters.

But one of Albion Online’s best features is its loads of character personalization options. Start a new game, and you’ll be able to edit almost every feature of your character to create a completely personalized avatar, although you won’t be able to edit their attributes. Instead, players can mold their characters’ skills and attributes naturally as they complete missions and levels up.

Like most MMORPGs, there are hundreds of different monsters in Albion Online, but unlike some similar games, fighting them is completely optional. This creates more variety in the gameplay, as players don’t have to go to battle. They can also retire to a tranquil farm and grow crops, or build their own house from the ground up. Clearly, there’s most then just fighting in Albion Online, and sometimes it’s even more fun just to hang out with your guild.

Overall, Albion Online is a fantastic MMORPG, where you can experience a practically endless adventure alongside other players from every corner of the globe. On top of all that, this game has great -but not overly demanding- graphics, so they run well on almost any computer. Give it a try, create a completely custom avatar, and live your own adventure!

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