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Description:Serve files and URLs to iOS.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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AirFlick allows you to serve files and URL’s to the iOS Apple TV.

This is prerelease software. All rights reserved. Use at your own risk. No technical support is (or ever will be) provided for this product.


Transcoding/Green Screens Transcoding requires VLC (in /Applications/VLC) or ffmpeg (embedded at least for now). Suggestions for improving the settings for using these are welcome. Otherwise, please contact those projects for any issues with their software. Update DaveDurden tweets: Updated VLC from 1.1.3 to 1.1.5 and suddenly had green artifacts with AirFlick all the time. Down to 1.1.3 and they’re gone.” Update II Mac Air Video Client now supports AirFlick, so you can play back your AirVideo Server provided videos through AirFlick to your Apple TV from any Mac. Why put up with my limping transcoding attempts when you can fly AirVideo?

AirFlick Icon Check out the awesome new icon courtesy of the talented Jason Holtslander. If you’re looking for design work, ping me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

AppleTV Errors Getting error messages with AirFlick on Apple TV? Use supported data types and don’t be afraid to try again. Press menu to dismiss the error, press Play in AirFlick to re-send. May take a time or two until it gets going properly. Supported data types offer full scrubbing and 5/30-second jump support.

IP Addresses When transcoding, make sure the IP address matches the machine you’re serving from. AirFlick 0.16 and later should provide better IP addresses. Please let me know if you have any continuing issues.

AirPlayer, AirTunes, and Music Wondering why you can’t stream music to AirPlayer? See this write-up on RAOP. After reading up on RAOP I can more or less guarantee that this is not going to get into AirPlayer. Google up raop server for details.

Photos AirPlayer Photo support is preliminary starting in version 0.05. Unfortunately, the orientation information does not seem to be sent in the same way that UIImage orientation is sent. I know how to re-orient but I don’t know how to extract the orientation from the AirPlay data yet.

DRM Got DRM content? I now automatically pass that URL over to QuickTime Player. If you get two windows open — sorry! I’m already trying to figure that one out. I’m looking into rental issues as well. Ads No, I’m not earning much from the ads but every little bit helps. Thank you for understanding. And an even bigger thank you to those kind souls who have donated via Paypal.

Developers: you can task AirFlick from your applications.

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