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Description:View and edit GPX files from your GPS device.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website


Adze gives you the tools to edit GPX documents like a pro: create, modify and delete tracks, plan routes, mark waypoints, and more.


Dissect Recordings – Merge tracks that shouldn’t have been split, or split tracks that should have. Delete undesired sections or extract detours as a separate track.
Plan Routes – If you’re planning an expedition, Adze allows you to plan the route and mark waypoints, check distances and view the proposed route on multiple maps before exporting the GPX data to a device.
Tidy Documents – Optimise tracks to remove redundant data, change item names and colors, edit GPX document metadata and prepare your documents for sharing.
Edit Points – Add, move or remove points graphically with the Edit Point tool, or use the points list to manually edit values.
Identify Rest-stops – Adze can identify areas where you stopped for a rest, lunch, or an overnight stay and automatically split your tracks at those locations.
Update Metadata – Change item names or colors and give your GPX document a title, author or description.
Fix Timestamps – Offset timestamps by a fixed amount, overwrite them in bulk or remove them completely.
Collect Statistics – View statistics about duration, speed, elevation and gradient for entire documents or selected sections.
View Documents – View your documents on a road, topographic or satellite map directly within Adze or export to KML to view it in Google Earth.

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