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AddMovie for Mac 2.0.3


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AddMovie for Mac2.0.3

Description:Concatenates several files into a single QuickTime movie.
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Operating System:MacOS
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • Downloaded:54,126 times
    Author / Developer:Developer website


    AddMovie is an app utility for easily joining several files into one single movie, and performing the inverse operation of splitting a movie at select frame times into multiple movies. You can also use AddMovie to convert a set of movies to other formats. Various options are available in the Preferences window, such as: choosing export format, making a “self contained” (copy video and sound from all source movies) or “reference” movie (yielding a smaller movie file with dependencies), and chapterizing. Many more!


    Combine movies, saving in various movie formats
    Create slide shows of pictures
    Modify duration of movies
    Batch export movies to various formats
    Add movie chapters
    Edit movies
    Play movies at arbitrary rates, including sound files
    Split movies at arbitrary points
    Set a movie’s poster frame, and count frames
    Extract sound track into a sound file
    Much more!

    AddMovie imports all file formats supported by QuickTime. AddMovie outputs QuickTime (mov) file format, as well as exporting to other file formats provided by the QuickTime codecs on your system. Use the Preferences window to specify output options.

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