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Add Folder Icons

Add Folder Icons

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Add Folder Icons

Description:Add folder icons to ordinary folders.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website


Add Folder Icons lets you add icons to ordinary folders, which are always displayed with the same boring, old, blue folder icon. Sometimes you might want to liven this up. Perhaps you browse a music collection through the Finder as well as in iTunes, or have photos that you browse in the Finder as well as in iPhoto. You might create artwork, or own a collection of home movie DVD files. Whatever you have, one thing is for sure: the standard blue folder icon doesn’t give you many clues about the folder’s contents.

This is where Add Folder Icons comes in. It uses any pictures found inside a given folder to create a customised icon based on a configurable icon style. There is a set of built-in icon styles and you can create your own.

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