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AACrT Movies for Mac 1.1.4

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AACrT Movies for Mac - review, screenshots

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AACrT Movies for Mac1.1.4

Description:Video library catalog.
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Operating System:MacOS
  • PPC 32
  • Downloaded:2,509 times
    Author / Developer:


    AACrT Movies is a database designed for storing your video library, complete with search capabilities in all categories. The user can set dropdown box options; sort movies by any field in list view; set a borrower so he/she can track which movies have been lent out and to whom; manipulate movies info in single form view, list view or even print reports complete with page number.

    When initially opening this solution you’ll be presented with a login. Simply select “guest account” and no password is necessary. Using this login you’ll have access to all features, there is a 10 record limit before the “trial” period is over. If you wish to register this solution then you’ll receive the unlock codes to regain full functionality.

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