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Description:Travel through new cities like a local
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 24th, 2021
Author:DoubleGIS, LLC


Find your way through new cities and easily get to your designation with the great navigation app 2GIS. You can even download maps and use them anywhere, whether you’re walking though the city or flying in a plane.

2GIS has an almost overwhelming amount of data on select cities, and you can download maps of specific cities to have all that information available offline. Easily find hospitals, shopping malls, police stations, post offices, supermarkets, museums, pharmacies, auto repair shops, bookstores, and more with this app! No matter what you’re looking for, 2GIS can help you find it.

All the information on the app is completely up to date, so you’ll never arrive at at restaurant only to discover it’s closed. If you’re traveling by car, 2GIS can read the step by step instructions out loud and accounts for traffic jams, detours, and other problems you may encounter on your journey. Or, if you’re traveling by foot, 2GIS can calculate the shortest route to your destination, or help you easily and safely navigate the local public transportation, whether it’s a train, subway or bus.

Another great feature of this app is it’s up to date information and exact locations of over 2.5 million businesses, making planning business trips easy. If you’re traveling to, or meeting someone at a business, 2GIS will get you to its offices without a problem.

On top of all those life-saving features, 2GIS includes one more feature, that can get you out of a considerable number of difficult situations: maps of the inside of shopping centers. Easily find the restrooms, ATMs, food courts, or any of the stores.

Download 2GIS and navigate new cities just like a local.

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